The department offers a lively environment for graduate and postgraduate education in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. The department has a mission to empower every student to be industry ready, innovative and quality conscious in the field of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering by imparting quality education and inculcating social and ethical values.

The department is currently engaged in research in many areas of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering including Robotics, Machine Learning, AI, Signal Processing, Image Processing, Electrical Networks, Biomedical Imaging, Pattern Recognition, etc.

The faculty members are highly qualified and experienced with specialization in Power Electronics, Sensors, Digital Communication, VLSI Designs, Signal Processing, Electrical Networks etc.

Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering | Rungta group of colleges, Bhilai

Students are given proper exposure to current trends like Mechatronics, Robotics, Sensors, Embedded Systems, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Peripherals etc. through workshops, guest lecturers & seminars by industry experts, industry visits. Department is well equipped with laboratories and Simulation software’s.








  • Best Academic Results
  • High placements rate
  • Collaboration with Doordarshan and Remote sensing units for conducting Industry visit, Vocational Training and Projects.




  • Electronics Workshop Lab
  • Analog Electronic Lab
  • Digital Electronic Lab
  • Microprocessor Lab
  • Communication Lab
  • Control System Lab
  • Basic Electronic Lab
  • Electrical Measurement & Measuring Instrument Lab
  • Electrical Circuit Lab
  • Basic Electrical and Electronics Lab


Name of StudentName of Company
Nainika Singh Rathore BACS Hitech
Nishi Sharma BACS Hitech
Neha Singh Maintec Technologies
Meenal Bhargath Maintec Technologies
Abhilasha Lal Maintec Technologies
Bhavana Sahu Maintec Technologies
Huma Jamal Maintec Technologies
Poonam Prasad Genpact
Divya Ojha VIVO Mobiles
Akanksha Raghav VIVO Mobiles
Srishti Sinha VIVO Mobiles
Pratiksha Gupta VIVO Mobiles
Rachana Sahu VIVO Mobiles
Manisha Verma VIVO Mobiles
Kawaljeet Singh Randhawa VIVO Mobiles
Nainika Singh Rathore Teleperformance
Akansha Singh Genpact
R Sai Swaplin Tech Mahindra
Shamim Bano Tech Mahindra
Ravi Singh Tech Mahindra
Sonali Nayak Tech Mahindra
Shruti Kantode Tech Mahindra
Neha Singh Tech Mahindra
Mayuri Agrawal Tech Mahindra
Poonam Sharma Teleperformance
Kamna Kumari Nai Dunia
Kamna Kumari Rajat Equipments
R Nadeesh Justdial
R Najeesh Appealsoft
Sonali Dutta Sgs Tech
Yash Dhandale Dhoot Transmission
Mahima Choudhary Dhoot Transmission
Priyanka Patel Dhoot Transmission
Priyanka Chauhan Dhoot Transmission
Pooja Chowdhari Dhoot Transmission
Pallavi Pandey Techmahindra


S.NoTitleConference / JournalPublication / Year / Voulme / Page No.AuthoreCo-AuthorWebsite
1 A Review on Real Time Heart Rate Mointering System Usng MATLAB International Research Journal OF Engineering & Technology- 2019 2019 Shailendra Singh Pooja Mandle Website Link
2 A Review on Leaf Disease Detection Using Feature Extraction International Research Journal OF Engineering & Technology- 2019 2019 Shailendra Singh Shraddha Pandey Website Link
3 OVER POWER DETECTION OF INDUCTION MOTOR International Journal of Engineering Research in computer and communication engg. - 2018 2018 SANDEEP SOMKUWAR Pankaj Kashyap Website Link
4 Palm size Human and Gas Detection ROBOt International Journal of Advance Research in science, Engineering & Technology- March 2018 2018 Swapnil Sinha RAVI SHUKLA Website Link
5 Review On Automatic Train Washing System International Journal for Research in Applied Science & EngineeringTechnology- 2018 2018 Seema Mishra Poonam Prasad Website Link
6 Improvement in BER Performance Using DWT Based OFDM & DFT Based OFDM for Different Modulation Approaches International Journal OF Scientific Research in Science & Technology- 2018 2018 Sandeep Somkuwar Navneet Ahuja Website Link
7 Design techniques of microwave filters International Journal of Research in Engineering & Advanced Technology(IJREAT) 2017 Ashna Shaiba Dr. Agya Mishra Website Link
8 A Review Work ON Comparative Analysis of DWT Based OFDM and DFT Based OFDM Using Different Modulation Approaches to Improve BER Performance The International Journal of Professional Engineering Studies (IJPES) 2017 Sandeep Somkuwar Navneet Ahuja Website Link
9 Protection of Transformer International Journal of Scientific Research in Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology. 2017 Sandeep Somkuwar Sheikh Shadir Website Link
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11 A Comparative analysis for 3 & 5 Level Inverter for Diode Clamped Topology with Harmonic Analysis International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering- Feb 2016 2016 BISWAJIT MANDAL Lipika Nanda Website Link
12 Crack filling of art by using Image Processing : a review International Journal of Innovative Research in Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation and Control Engineering (IJIREEICE) 2015 Anubhav Singh Amit.K.Biswas Website Link
13 Simulink model for object tracking using optical flow International Journal of - Science and Research (IJSR) 2015 Shailendra singh Utkarsh Sharma Website Link
14 A Review Paper on: Various Contrast Enrichment Techniques and Their Improved Factors International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering (IJARCSSE) 2013 Sandeep Somkuwar Asst. Prof. Sudha Nair Website Link


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