The department of Periodontology deals with diagnosis and treatment of disease and condition of supporting and surrounding tissues of teeth. In this department, treatment of gum diseases including gum surgeries are done and oral hygiene instructions are rendered to the patients.


Scaling and root planing, ultrasonic scaling, excision of epulis, curettage, local drug delivery, minor surgeries including gingivectomy, gingivoplasty, crown lengthening, frenectomy, frenotomy, operculectomy, gingival depigmentation and major surgeries which include periodontal flap surgeries, regenerative procedures like bone grafting, guided tissue regeneration, guided bone regeneration, dental implants, electrocautery and LASER procedures are done in the department.

periodontology | Rungta Group of Colleges, Bhilai

The department comprises of undergraduate and post graduate sections. The UG batch consists of 100 students per batch of final and third year who attends rotatory clinical postings. The PG section consists of three students per year of three years curriculum.


Greetings! It’s my pleasure to welcome you to the department of Periodontology. The goal of the department is to help the students in developing their clinical skills and academic proficiency enabling them to be competent and stand out from the crowd in today’s demanding working environment. We strive in ensuring excellent patient care made possible by adept faculty and excellent infrastructure. Our students are continuously encouraged to participate in CDE programmes, conferences and workshops to update their knowledge and expertise. These aspects are reflected by the fact that we have bagged merit awards and gold medals consistently for several past years.


  • Spacious and segregated Postgraduate and Undergraduate clinics provide for work efficiency and lesser waiting period for patients.
  • Modern equipment and material are available at the disposal of students including LASER unit, electrocautery, Implant kit, bone grafts, GTR membranes, etc.
  • Well-stocked department library with latest books and seminar room with projector facility for conducting academic activity.
  • State-of-the-art, air-conditioned, 4-chair, Minor Operating Theatre for performing advanced procedures.
  • Ample Postgraduate student area with personal storage lockers for each student, work stations and changing room.
periodontology | Rungta Group of Colleges, Bhilai





The department provides patient friendly environment with all the treatment including basic and advanced procedures. Regular seminars and workshops are organized for students’ welfare.

periodontology | Rungta Group of Colleges, Bhilai

Department is well equipped with:

  • 50 dental chairs
  • Seminar room with audio-visual aids (LCD projector and visualizer)
  • Departmental library
  • Laser Clinic
  • Sterilization section
  • Faculty Clinic
  • Dental museum and patient education room.
periodontology | Rungta Group of Colleges, Bhilai

Highlights of the department:

  • Use of LASER for epulis excision, gingivectomy, gingivoplasty, crown lengthening, frenectomy, frenotomy, operculectomy, gingival depigmentation, LANAP. (10 Watt LASER)
  • Local drug delivery
  • Regenerative procedures like bone grafting, Guided Tissue Regeneration, Guided Bone Regeneration.
  • Dental Implants
  • Electrocautery procedures
periodontology | Rungta Group of Colleges, Bhilai



The curriculum includes theory and clinical practical divided into 2 years. The undergraduates have a rotatory clinical posting, which includes 30 hand scaling, 10 case history taking, discussion and end posting exams. The lectures are taken for completion of theory twice a week. Lectures are taken in lecture hall using audio visual aids.


Currently, the college is affiliated for 5 admissions per year in the department. At present eight PGs are there in the department. The PGs are provided with all the facilities required for the completion of the course. Curriculum includes academic and clinical activities. The academic activities include regular presentation of seminars, journal clubs, clinical cases along with preparation of library dissertation and dissertation. Clinical cases include all the above mentioned cases including special cases and dissertation cases. The same is divided over a period of 3 years at the end of which exam is conducted.

periodontology | Rungta Group of Colleges, Bhilai


S.N.Pg StudentTopicBatch
1 Dr Sabreena Williamson Halitosis 2019-2022
2 Dr Lawanya Chandrakar Osseointegration In Dental Implants 2019-2022
3 Dr Kanchan Agrawal Supportive Periodontal Therapy 2019-2022
4 Dr Samarpita Nanda Periodontal Responses To External Forces 2018-2021
5 Dr Nida Sultana Minimally Invasive Periodontal Therapy 2018-2021
6 Dr Smriti Gupta Nutrigenomics –The Role Of Nutrition In Periodontics 2018-2021
7 Dr Nikita Agarwal Advance Diagnostic Aids In Periodontics 2017-2020
8 Dr Anju Vishwanath Stem Cells 2016-2019
9 Dr Saba Jabee Ortho-Perio Interrelationship In A Classic Synergism 2016-2019
10 Dr Rahul Jha Papilla Preservation And Its Reconstruction 2016-2019
11 Dr Kuldeep Singh Sangha Implants 2015-2018
12 Dr Amar Jaswani Probiotics 2015-2018
13 Dr Shailendra Tripathy Lasers In Periodontology 2015-2018
14 Dr Teh Chai Liu Periodontal-Restorative Interrelationship 2015-2018
15 Dr Asmita Singh Piezosurgery 2014-2017
16 Dr Shruti Bhatnagar Viruses In Periodontology 2014-2017
17 Dr Saket Banchhor Photodynamic Therapy 2014-2017
18 Dr Sonika Nagdeve Biomarkers In Periodontology 2013-2016
19 Dr Vandita Agrawal Periodontal Microsurgery 2013-2016
20 Dr Vikas Diwan Perioesthetics 2013-2016
21 Dr Humera Parvez Host Modulation In Periodontal Therapy 2012-2015
22 Dr Sushmita Deonani Smoking And Periodontal Disease 2012-2015
23 Dr Varsha Goswami Matrix Metalloproteinases 2012-2015
24 Dr Priya Jain Tissue Engineering- Periodontal Perspective 2011-2013
25 Dr Parul Agrawal Immediate Implants 2011-2013
26 Dr Sana Farishta Local Drug Delivery 2011-2013



1 Clinical Periodontology & Implant Dentistry Jain Lindhe-Iv Ed. 01
2 Clinical Periodontology & Implant Dentistry Jain Lindhe – V Ed. 04
3 Clinical Periodontology Carranza –X Ed. 04
4 Clinical Periodontology Carranza – Xi Ed. 02
5 Periodontics – Medicine , Surgery & Implants Rose &Mealey 01
6 Contemporary Implants Dentistry Misch 01
7 Essentials Of Periodontics Pawlack 01
8 Essentials Of Periodontology & Periodontics Macphee 01
9 Periodontal Therapy Nabers& Stalkers 01
10 Dental Implants: The Art & Science Babbush 01
11 Antibiotic & Antimicrobial Use In Dental Practice Newman 01
12 Principal & Practice Of Laser Dentistry Convissar 01
13 Infection Control & Management Of Hazardous Material For Dental Team Miller 01
14 Change Your Smile Goldstein 01
15 The Legends Of Implant Dentistry Linkow 01
16 Saunders Review Of Dental Hygiene Fehrenbach 01
17 Mosby’s Review Of Nbde Part 1 & 2 Dowd 02
18 Periodontal Medicine Rose &Genco 01
19 Outline Of Periodontics Manson &Eley 01
20 Critical Decisions Of Periodontology Hall 01
21 Osseointegration And Dental Implants Jokstad 01
22 Odontogenictumors And Allied Lesions Peter A. Reichart 01
23 Clinical Textbook Of Dental Hygiene And Therapy Robert Ireland 01
24 Dental Hygiene Theory And Practice Darby & Walsh 01


1 Essentials of Clinical Periodontology and Periodontics Shantipriya Reddy 03
2 MCQ Clinical Dental Sciences Yeltiwar 02
3 MCQ in Periodontology with answers Rao 01
4 Tips and Tricks of Periodontology ShaluBathla 01
5 A Practical guide to Implant Dentistry Mahesh 01
6 Oral Implantology Kakar 01
7 Preventive and Community Dentistry Hiremath 01
8 Review of All India PG Exam Kumar 01
9 Student Guide of Dental PG Exam Gambhir 01
10 AIDS and Oral Health Yadav 01
11 MCQ in Periodontics Chandra 01
12 Community Dentistry GururajaRao 01
13 MCQ in Periodontics Bhawani 01
14 Concise Periodontics Nymphea 01
15 Clinical Periodontics Chandra 01
16 Methods of Biostatistics Mahajan 01
Medical Books
17 Human Anatomy Chourasia 03
18 Concise Medical Physiology Chaoudhary 01
19 Textbook of Microbiology Ananthnarayan 01
20 Medical Pharmacology Tripathi 01
21 Pharmacotherapeutics Satoskar 01
22 Community Dentistry VimalSikri 01
23 Biochemistry Satyanarayan 01
24 Microbiology Satish Gupta 01
25. Dr. P. D. Miller Dr.Hiral Jhaveri 01


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