It is one of the best ITI new age course for those who wish to build a career in the evolution of Smartphone technology. During the six months of Smartphone Technician cum App Tester trade a candidate is trained on professional skills and professional knowledge. The training begins with learning first aid, fire fighting and various safety practices for working in industrial environment. Trainee identifies and checks different electronic components used in mobile phones and understands their working. He practices on soldering/ de-soldering, understands different sections and circuits of mobile phones starting with basic GSM and CDMA sets. Understands various concepts and technologies used in basic mobiles, smart phones and tablets. The trainee learns to disassemble/assemble smartphones, identify defects and practices on replacement of different components viz., mic, speaker, connectors, ICs, camera, display, etc. He practices on OS installation, reboot procedure, password cracking, removal of virus, installation of firmware, encryption/ decryption, use of third party software, flash different android dead phones, etc.

Smartphone Technician cum App Tester | Rungta Group of Colleges, Bhilai


Smartphone Technician Cum App Tester 10th pass (Mathematics and Science) 14 Years as on first day of academic session 6 Months NCVT – National Council for Vocational Training 24


New smart phones with advanced features are launched daily into the market, trying to keep up with the current advancements in technology while withstanding the competition simultaneously. If you are an aspiring repair engineer, you will have ample workspace to choose from after gaining expertise from ITI trade. Furthermore, once you have educated yourself with the skills required to operate in the industry, you can start practicing them right away.

Here are some profiles where a smartphone technician can find their career:

  • Servicing store of the cellphone company
  • Freelance repair engineer
  • Smartphone repair shop
  • Phone repair consultant
  • Teach repair at any institute
  • Mobile application tester
  • Mobile software platform architect / mobile architect


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