Rungta Public School, Bhilai was founded in 2014. It is a Co-Ed. English Medium School situated in the sprawling 45 acres of lush green land of Sanjay Rungta Group of Institutions (SRGI). It is committed to provide quality education for the all-round development of its students, which would foster not only individual growth, but also give a clarion call to bring out a keen desire in them, to make a positive contribution to society and the world at large. The school upholds that an integrated personality is formed only when there is proper intellectual, moral, physical and last but not least, aesthetic development. An invigorating and competitive atmosphere, adequate exposure and sound guidance by a dedicated faculty is provided in the school, for the holistic development of the students


The School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education vide Affiliation No. 3330201

The School is Registered with the Cambridge Assessment International Education vide Registration No. IA036


If you want your child to do well in school, then you yourself must develop a respect for the system and learning. The school believes in discipline. Slackness or disregard of rules will not be appreciated. Any work or action likely to lower the image of the school would be regarded as a breach of school discipline. The school reserves the right to expel a student whose diligence or progress in studies is considered unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful to other students. Misconduct,insubordination or contempt of authority and breaking rules are sufficient reasons for immediate expulsion or rustication.

  • Parents are requested not to enter the classrooms to see their children or meet teachers during class hours without prior permission of the Head.
  • Leave for half day should not be asked for, for security reasons. In emergency, written permission must be taken from the Principal and the Class Teacher and the bus-in-charge must be duly informed.
  • Parent's attention is drawn to the fact that criticism of the teacher or school in the presence of child should be scrupulously avoided because it causes the student to lose respect for his/her teacher with the consequent failure to learn from him/her and will retard his/her progress.
  • Any communication made by the Parent/Guardian should be addressed to the Head through the Class Teacher and all correspondence from the school to the parents will be by the respective I/CS/Head.
  • The Name, Admission no., Class/Section and House of the pupil should be clearly marked on all the belongings of the student.
  • Parents are required to cooperate with the school in its attempt to help their children progress by paying attention to their regularity, punctuality and discipline and take interest in their child's work. They should check the Handbook every day and note the homework and other instructions given. They are advised to check the bags of their ward to see if any circular/notice/invitation etc. has been issued. Do spend quality time going through note books especially on weekends.
  • Encourage your child to take interest in academics, co-curricular activities, sports & community service.
  • Communicate to the teacher any matter of concern with regard to the feedback you receive from the child, that may help the child gain confidence
  • Any change in address or telephone no. must be intimated to school office at the earliest.
  • Taking leave during working days is strongly discouraged. Parents are responsible to make up for the loss of studies in case of leave taken. The school will expect these students to be on a par with the class in every way and that will have to be ensured by the parents.
  • Missing out on Weekly Tests and Activity Based Evaluations directly affect the promotion of the students to the next class at the end of the session. Thus taking up all the FPTS/ Assessments places the student on a safer pedestal and decides a better place in the class. Kindly take these Tests/Evaluations seriously for the betterment of your ward and do not apply for leave if avoidable. Leave can be granted to the student only on the following grounds:
    • In case of serious illness or a death of very near relative.
    • For a condolence visit, if the student is the only male member of the family, where custom demands, he should make a visit.
    • To attend the marriage of his real brother/sister or uncle/aunt (Father or Mother's real brother/sister).
  • It is compulsory for the student to complete 75% of the attendance in the year to make him/her eligible to appear for the Final Examination.
  • Students availing the school transport are expected to maintain the best of decorum in the buses, failing which an appropriate action, to the extent of withdrawing the bus facility of the student will be taken.
  • Students are expected to attend school in neat and well ironed, complete uniform and boys with proper hair cut. Kindly ensure that the instructions are followed in all seriousness to avoid any inconvenience to your good-self later, as the students will not be adjusted and sent home in the next shift bus.
  • Parents are advised to give pocket money very judiciously to the students. Do not provide any extra money beyond Rs.50/- to your wards. If extra money is found in their possession, it will be confiscated.
  • Valuable articles like gold/diamond jewellery (chain, ring, bracelets bangles/kadas, earrings/danglers), facial makeup like eye makeup & bindi, waxing and shaped eyebrows, henna decorating palms & feet is strictly prohibited in the school. Electronic gadgets (mobiles, iPod and camera) are not permitted inside the school premises as per CBSE guidelines. If found, the articles will be confiscated and will be returned only at the end of the session. If such instances are repeated, then the child may be asked to leave the school.
  • Care must be taken of all school property and if any damage is done, it will be made good by the concerned student. No sharp objects like blade, knife, scissors and needle should be sent to school to ensure safety. Any misbehavior or indiscipline may lead to serious consequences including a heavy fine.
  • Parents are requested to personally see off and receive their ward at the bus stop.
  • Parents must consult the RPS Handbook and other circulars before making enquiries on the phone.


Parents and students are requested to note that the following practices are unacceptable and will invite strict disciplinary action. Please refer to the section on disciplinary measures:

  • Disfiguring or damaging school property.
  • Bunking School and classes.
  • Bringing articles such as expensive watches, cameras, irrelevant CD, mobile phones, laptop, electronic pens, i-pads, i-pods etc. to school.
  • Using abusive language.
  • Not wearing the school uniform, during the term.
  • Damaging, scribbling on or tearing pages from library books or text or exercise books.
  • Bringing sharp articles (knives, etc.) which can cause injury.
  • Smoking, gambling, drinking or using psychotropic, narcotic drugs.
  • Bursting firecrackers or throwing color/ water on one another within or near the school premises.
  • Late arrival in classes/ School.
  • Misconduct, indiscipline and misbehavior with the teacher/ admin staff / House Master/any other School staff.
  • Assembling at or going to the book shop, cafeteria, and hostel during regular class time.
  • Stealing/ borrowing without permission
  • Bullying, teasing or harassment of any kind.
  • Sloganeering and signature campaigns.
  • Chewing flavored gum, betel nut, tobacco etc.
  • Trinkets: Girls are not allowed to wear trinkets in school. Trinkets include hanging earrings, hoops, bangles, anklets, chains etc. They can wear any small ear tops without hangings.
  • A few major Discipline Code/Rules are elaborated below:

    • Physical violence and all forms of threatening, abusive or intimidator behaviour is forbidden.
    • Any form of intimidation or harassment (including sexual harassment) by one student or group of students towards another is not permitted.
    • Offensive weapons (or toys which look like offensive weapons) should not be brought on to campus.
    • Breach of this rule may lead the Discipline Council to expel, suspend or otherwise punish the student concerned.
    • The Discipline Council will consider the extent of the violence, threat, abuse, intimidation or harassment and the actual harm or potential harm caused by this.

    • Students may not remove the possessions of others without their consent.
    • Such removal is considered as theft. Students found in possession of stolen items will be assumed to have stolen them.
    • Should the Discipline Council finds a student guilty of theft, in the absence of compelling mitigating circumstances the student may be expelled.
    • The Discipline Council may consider as compelling, mitigating circumstances such as the student's prior good academic or extra-curricular record or good record of behavior.

    • Students Should not engage in Mixed Socializing (ie boy(s) and girl(s) in the same area) in those areas of Residences demarcated as only for boys or only for girls.
    • The disciplinary application for this rule applies to all the students found together in a mixed socializing gathering, and students who come across such a gathering and do not wish to be found in breach of the rule must leave the gathering immediately.
    • The Discipline Council may suspend or expel (from school or Residence) and place on Principal's Warning students in breach of this rule.
    • The Discipline Council may consider as compelling mitigating circumstances the student's prior good academic or extra-curricular record or record of good behavior.
    • Aggravating circumstances may lead to the Disciplinary Committee expelling a student.


We believe in establishing discipline through dialogue. However in extreme cases the following measures will be adopted to maintain discipline and reform the behavior of the children

  • Verbal warning and counseling.
  • Deprivation of privileges.
  • Written warning.
  • Fine.
  • Issue of Under Observation Card.
  • Detention.
  • Exclusion from the class/hostel and school activities.
  • Suspension.
  • Expulsion.

However, the Head of School retains the right to expel a student outright if the offense is of a serious nature. The Head of School will have the right to withhold the Character certificate of any student whose conduct is not in keeping with the rules laid down by the school.


Child abuse and neglect are concerns throughout the world. Child abuse and neglect are violations of a child’s human rights and are obstacles to the child’s education as well as to their physical, emotional, and spiritual development.

RPS endorses the Rights of the Child, as per the prevailing Child Protection Act

Schools have a special institutional role in society as protectors of children. Schools need to insure that all children in their care are afforded a safe and secure environment in which to grow and develop, both at school and away. Educators, having the opportunity to observe and interact with children over time, are in a unique position to identify children who are in need of help and protection. As such, educators have a professional and ethical obligation to identify children who are in need of help and protection, and to take steps to insure that the child and family avail themselves of the services needed to remedy any situation that constitutes child abuse or neglect.

All staff employed at RPS must report suspected incidents of child abuse or neglect whenever the staff member has reasonable cause to believe that a child has suffered, or is at significant risk of suffering abuse or neglect. Reporting and follow up of all suspected incidents of child abuse or neglect will proceed in accordance with administrative regulations respective to this policy. Furthermore, cases of suspected child abuse or neglect may be reported to the appropriate employer, to the respective Cells / Agencies in the Local Authorities and / or to the appropriate child protection agency in the Country.

RPS seeks to be a safe haven for students who may be experiencing abuse or neglect in any aspect of their lives. As such, RPS distributes this policy annually to all parents and applicants and provides training to all staff working at RPS and will continue to make every effort to implement hiring practices to insure the safety of children, and will review the policy annually for compliance and effectiveness.

In the case of a staff member reported as an alleged offender, RPS will conduct a full investigation following a carefully designed course of due process, keeping the safety of the child at the highest priority.

As per the directives of the CBSE and the State Government, we have undertaken the following measures for the Welfare, Protection and safety of Children under our care:

  • The School Building is safe and secured for children.
  • Round the clock security guards are available to safeguard the interest of the children.
  • The school provides safe drinking water and sanitation to children.
  • The fire extinguishers are installed.
  • CCTV coverage is available in all the classes, activity rooms and corridors.
  • The School buses have the First Aid Kit and fire extinguishers.
  • A Committee is constituted for redress Grievance / Complaints of Children.
  • A Committee is constituted to protect children against sexual abuse.
  • The school is committed to care of the emotional security of the child.
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