The department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics is the branch of dentistry which is concerned with the conservation of the teeth in the mouth. The primary purpose of this dept is prevention, diagnosis and conservative based treatment of dental caries and diseases and defects of natural teeth. This department also specializes in treatment of pulpal and periapical diseases through non-surgical and surgical methods.

The department stands for teaching & training of undergraduate (B.D.S) and post-graduate (M.D.S) students in this subject. An undergraduate student starts to learn this subject from the second year. Initially training is given on an inanimate object. As the student progresses towards final year he starts treating patients and they learn to deal with the problem in a more scientific method creating a strong foundation. The postgraduate is a 3 year course that teaches the student in detail about the subject. They focus on aesthetic dentistry, endodontic therapy and surgeries like root canal therapy under magnification. The students are encouraged to do research, attend conferences at national and international level.

Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics | Rungta Group of Colleges, Bhilai


Key Points From Deparment

This department is considered as the heart and soul of dentistry, where more patients come with pain and go out with a smile after the immediate relief of annoying pain. The dept. deals in the management of all carious lesions by restoring them with biomimetic materials, management of traumatic injuries of tooth, root canal therapy and regenerative procedures like revacularisation; surgical endodontic procedures.

We have a state of art cosmetic studio where esthetic corrections of teeth with bleaching, laminates and veneers are performed

Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics | Rungta Group of Colleges, Bhilai



  • Clinical cases
  • Seminars
  • Journal club meetings
  • Case discussions
  • Research study
  • Literature reviews
  • Participation in national and international conference


  • Clinical cases & Comprehensive treatment plan
  • Discussions
Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics | Rungta Group of Colleges, Bhilai


DateCde ProgramSpeaker
26/09/2019 Untangle Esthetics # Edelweiss Ways Dr Rohit Shetty
02/08/2019 Indirect Composite Restorations Dr R S Mohan Kumar
22/04/2016 Current Trends Of Lasers In Restorative Dentistry Dr R S Mohan Kumar
16/01/2017 Dentistry Today : Reasons To Smile Dr Sandesh Mayekar


26/09/2019Indirect Composite RestorationsDr R S Mohan Kumar
02/08/2019Untangle Esthetics # Edelweiss WaysDr Rohit Shetty


26/08/2020 Endodontics DecodedDr Prashant Bhasin


Modern day equipments like RVG, Apex locators, ultra sonic irrigation system, Obturating systems, endodontic surgicalkits

A state of art cosmetic room to perform various smile designing and esthetic corrections

Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics | Rungta Group of Colleges, Bhilai


Name Of The PG Student PrizeConferences
Dr Prerna Goel 1st Prize (In Poster Presentation) 2nd Central Zone Pg Conference- Raipur July 2019
Dr Nikita Thakur 2rd Prize (In Paper Presentation) 1st Central Zone Pg Conference- Indore, July 2018
Dr Mayank Nahta 1st Prize (In Poster Presentation) 1st Ida Cg State Dental Conference- Raipur October 2018
Dr Vikas & Dr Nikita 2nd Prize (Paper Presentation) 1st Iacde Zonal Pg Conference –Indore 2018
Dr Vikas & Dr Pooja 1st Prize ( Paper Presentation) 32nd Iacde National Conference-Ahmedabad,2017


S.No.Name Of The PG StudentYearDissertation Title
1 Dr Aliza Ali 2019-2022 Evaluation of cyclic fatigue resistance of three different endodontic niickel-Titanium rotary files – an in vitro study.
2 Dr Karthik Gandhewar 2019-2022 Effect of four different antioxidants on the shear bond strength of composite resin to bleached enamel-an invitro study
3 Dr Prerna Goel 2019-2022 Comparative evaluation of anti caries efficacy of two herbal extracts to that of commercially available anti caries mouthrinse: an in vivo study
4 Dr Chitra Sachdev 2018-2021 A comparative evaluation of different acidic tetrapack juices on microhardness of nanocomposites- an in vitro study
5 Dr Swapnil Gritlahre 2018-2021 A comparative evaluation of compressive and diametrical tensile strength between two bulk fill composite.
6 Dr Ayushi Ninave 2018-2021 Volumetric analysis of stimulated perapical lesion using cbct & rvg
7 Dr Nikta Thakur 2017-2020 Evaluation of surface microhardness of two esthetic restorative materials on exposure to different acidic beverages-an invitro study
8 Dr Mayank Nahta 2017-2020 Comparison of fracture resistance in fiber reinforced composite and smart dentin replacement material as alternate to crown coverage restorations for endodontically treated teeth.
9 Dr Pooja Jain 2016-2019 A clinical comparative evaluation of three irrigating systems, for irrigant delivery upto working length of curved canals of molars.
10 Dr Arpit Kumbhare 2016-2019 A clinical evaluation of non-gamma 2 amalgam zirconomer & cention – n restorations – a one year follow up study.
11 Dr Vikas Chandra 2016-2019 A comparative clinical evaluation of post endodontic pain after using different reciprocating and continuous rotary system in permanent molars.
12 Dr Vishakha Nilawar 2015-2018 Evaluation of root canal morphology of mandibular permanent central and lateral incisors by cone beam computerized tomography : an in vitro study
13 Dr A. Arthi Iyer 2015-2018 Effectiveness of different intracanal irrigation techniques in removing intracanal calcium hydroxide paste medicament : an in vitro study
14 Dr Neha Saini 2015-2018 Evaluation of remaining dentin thickness hand files and two different rotary file systems with cone beam computerized tomography : an in vitro study
15 Dr Shruti Kashyap 2014-2017 Comparative clinical case control study of post endodontic pain after root canal preparation with rotary and manual instrumentation
16 Dr Priya Nair 2014-2017 Comparative evaluation of sealing abilities of different sealers : an in vitro study
17 Dr Ashik Ali 2014-2017 A comparative clinical evaluation between different generations of apex locators with digital radiography of patients at different age groups.
18 Dr Gaurav Garg 2013-2016 Effect of different emersion media on the colour stability of two composites with and without application of nanofilled, self adhesive light cured protective coating : an in vitro study
19 Dr Supriya Bhattar 2013-2016 Comparative evaluation of microleakage of two different composites using four different composite placement techniques in classv restorations : an in vitro study
20 Dr Sonam Rungta 2013-2016 A comparative evaluation of microleakage using three different nanocomposites : an in vitro study
21 Dr D. Deepti 2012-2015 Evaluation of effect of propolis, aloevera gel, 2% chlorhexidine and calcium hydroxide as root canal medicament agent against enterococcus faecalis : an in vitro study.
22 Dr Shweta Sonkusre 2012-2015 Evaluation of microleakage with silorane based composite and nanohybrid composite in class ii cavities : an in vitro study.
23 Dr Anjali Gupta 2012-2015 Comparative evaluation of microleakage with total etch v/s self etch dentin bonding agents in class v restorations : an in vitro study.



1 Operative dentistry Marzouk 2
2 Tooth Coloured Restorations Albers 2
3 Fundamentals Of Operative Dentistrty Summit 1
4 Tooth Wear And Sensitivity Addy Embery 1
5 Endodontics Ingle Bakland 3
6 Endodontic practice Grossman Sureshchandra 3
7 Atlas Of Glass Ionomer Cement Dunitz 1
8 Esthetics In Dentistry (vol 1),(vol2) Goldstein 1,1
9 Oral Microbiology Marsh Martin 1
10 Cariology Ernest Newburn 1
11 Textbook Of Clinical Cariology Munksgaard 1
12 Pickards Manual Of Operative Dentistry Kidd,Smith and Watson 1
13 Surgical Endodontics Gumann 1
14 Principle and practice of endodontics(3 edition) Walton Torabinejad 1
15 Endodontics therapy (6 edition) Weine 1
16 Endodontology Baumann& Beer 1
17 Clinical Endodontics Tronstad 1
18 Clinical Operative dentistry- Principle and Practice (2 edition) Ramaya Raghu 1
19 Basic Dental Material John J Manapalli 2
20 Textbook of Preclinical Conservative Dentistry Nisha Garg 2
21 Restorative Dental Materials Craig Powers 2
22 Art and Science of operative dentistry Theodoren 2
23 Operative Dentistry Sturdevent 1
24 Endodontic microbiology Foued 1
25 Trouble shoot in endodontics Sathyanarayan R Carounanidy Usha 1
26 Clinical guide in dental traumatology Barmen Blaneo Cohen 2
27 Problem Solving in Endodontics Gutmann ,Dumsha 1
28 TenCates Oral Histology Antonioi 1
29 Pathway of pulp (8 , 9 edition) Cohen 2
30 Esthetic dentistry (Vol 2) 2 edition Goldstein 1
31 Principles and practice of laser dentistry Conllissar 1
32 Dental Caries Sikri 1
33 Textbook of operative dentistry Nisha Garg 1
34 Pocket Atlas of endodontics Beer Baumann 1
35 Principle of operative dentistry Qualtrough ,Salterwaite, Morrow 1
36 Textbook of operative dentistry Vimal sikri 1
37 Phillips’s science of dental material Annusavice 1


1 Principles and practice of medicine Davidson 1
2 Common Medical Conditions Bain Hamburger 1


1 Special Care In Dentistry Scully 1
2 Oro Dental Atlas - 1
3 Textbook Of Odontology Bwiley Backwell 1
4 Orban and oral histology and embroyology Orban 1
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6 Color Atlas of Dental Medicine (Endodontology) Beer Baumann 1
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9 Kennedy’s Paediatric operative Dentistry Curzon, Robert ,Kennedy 1
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16 Shafers textbook of oral pathology Rajendran 1
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18 Radiology for dental professional Fromner , Stabulas Sabage 1
19 Research writing in dentistry J Authony Von 1
20 Handbook of paediatric dentistry (3 edition) Cameron 1
21 Medical emergencies in dental office Stanley Malamed 1


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