The department of Oral Medicine and Radiology is an integral part of the Rungta College of Dental Sciences & Research Bhilai. It is the first department where patient visits in any dental institution. Based on chief complaint, history & radiographic examination, patients are diagnosed, referred & are even treated with the non-surgical line of treatment for various Orofacial disorders.

We offer Undergraduate and Postgraduate training in Oral Medicine and Oral radiology section. We have collection of teaching resources in the form of books, journals, library dissertation, dissertations, and seminars and patient registry of special cases. Clinical training focuses on the non-surgical management of disease including pharmacotherapy, physical therapy, the use of oral appliances, and behavioral counseling.

Oral Medicine and Radiology| Rungta Group of Colleges, Bhilai

Postgraduate trainees receive training in dental and medical hospital and the cancer institute for diagnostic & therapeutic radiology.

The staff & students participate in CDE’s and conferences at National, State & Local level. The faculty and postgraduate students are involved in various research projects. We take pride in our achievements (curricular/extracurricular), publications (International national, state and local) and presentations. The efficient working of the department is very well reflected in annual UG & PG success rates.



In the Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology, we understand the Patients Oro-facial problems and teach the Under-Graduate and Post Graduates students the fundamentals to Advance methods of Diagnostic and also the various imaging techniques related to maxillofacial region.


  • X-RAY machine
  • RVG
  • TENS
  • DEPARTMENTAL LIBRARY ( Books of International and National Authors)



  • Clinical Cases
  • Various Biopsy Techniques.
  • Various Radiographic Techniques.
  • Management Of Orofacial Pain And Potentially Malignant Disorders.
  • Seminars
  • Journal Clubs
  • Case Presentations
  • Interdepartmental Scientific Activity
  • Peripheral Postings In Reputed Cancer Hospitals & Advanced Imaging Centres.


  • Clinical Cases
  • Radiographic Exersices
  • Biopsy
  • Discussions


  • 2013- Forensic Odontology :An insight overview (4th July) by Dr. Ashit Acharya
  • 2015- Oral Cancer : New Horizons in early Detection (30th July) by Prof Alexender Ross Kerr
  • 2017- Orofacial Pain (27th February).by Dr. Ruchika Sood
  • 2018- 1st Chhattisgarh State UG Convention in Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology (14th March) .


  • 2013- Forensic Odontology :An insight overview (4th July)- Hands on Dental Age estimation by Dr. Ashit Acharya


S.No.Name Of PgYearDissertation Title
1 Dr. Ekta Sawriya 2018-21 To Determine The Efficacy Of Cryosurgery And Laser In The Management Of Oral Leukoplakia-A Clinical Study
2 Dr. Ayesha Roul 2018-21 To Compare The Efficacy Of Panoramic Imaging And Cbct In Assessing The Relationship Between Impacted Mandibular Third Molar To Mandibular Canal In Chhattisgarh Population
3 Dr. Sourav Bose 2018-21 Estimation Of Age And Gender Of Mental Foramen In Chhattisgarh Population Using Cbct
4 Dr. Som Subhra Das 2016-19 Qualitative And Quantitative Assessment Of Posterior Maxillary And Mandibular Edentulous Sites For Implant Planning By Cbct
5 Dr. Aastha Shrivastava 2016-19 Estimation Of Gender And Age By Determination Of Maxillary Sinus Volume By Ct
6 Dr. Sucharita Roy 2016-19 Quantitative Analysis Of Candida Species Among Denture And Non Denture Wearers - A Hospital Based Study
7 Dr.Deepak Rathore 2015-18 3d Assesment Of Relationship Of Maxillary Molar And Floor Of Maxillary Sinus Using Cbct
8 Dr.Deepmala Bhowmik 2015-18 Evaluation Of Dysgeusia And Anorexia In Osmf Patient
9 Dr.Shefali Jain 2014-17 Evaluation Of Nutritional Status By Mini Nutritional Assessment And Mandibular Indices As A Predictor Of Osteoporosis – A Cross Sectional Study
10 Dr.Dharmen Bhansali 2014-17 Assesment Of Mandibular And Anatomic Accessory Canal In Mandible By Cbct
11 Dr.Ratna. S 2014-17 Evaluation Of Digital Palmer Dermatogypic In Oral Leukoplakia And Osmf
12 Dr.Fiza Khan 2013-16 Comparison Of Oral Dental And Radiographic Manifestation In Diabetic And Non Diabetic Chronic Renal Failure Patient Receiving Hemodialysis
13 Dr.Divya Chaurasia 2013-16 Evaluation Of Oral Changes In Patients With Sickle Cell Anemia – A Clinical And Radiological Study
14 Dr.Rachita Jain 2013-16 Effects Of Antioxidant On Serum Malondialdehyde Level In Leukoplakia And Osmf
15 Dr.Swati Prasad 2012-15 Assement Of Oral Quality Of Life In Teenage Population With Anytype Of Habit History Of Tobacco And Areca Nut Of Bhilai Region
16 Dr.Priyanka Agarwal 2012-15 Age Estimation By Pulp Tooth Ratio In Mandibular Premolar And Canine By Panoramic Imaging
17 Dr.Sheetal Mujoo 2011-14 Correlation Of Lipid Profile And Glycemia In Oral Precancerous Lesion And Condition
18 Dr.Deeplaxmi Dewangan 2011-14 Assesment Of Carotid Artery Calcification By Digital Panoramic Radiograph And Dopplers Ultrasonography In Metabolic Syndrome Patients
19 Dr.Supreet Jain 2011-14 Estimation Of Blood Glucose In Gingival Crevicular Blood Using Glucometer


S.No.Name Of PgYearDissertation Title
1 Dr. Ekta Sawriya 2018-21 Contrast Radiography In Head And Neck Imaging
2 Dr. Ayesha Roul 2018-21 Role Of Saliva In The Diagnosis Of Systemic And Oral Diseases
3 Dr. Sourav Bose 2018-21 Cox2 Inhibitor In Dentistry
4 Dr. Som Subhra Das 2016-19 Mri And Its Application In Dentistry
5 Dr. Aastha Shrivastava 2016-19 Antibiotics In Dentistry
6 Dr. Sucharita Roy 2016-19 Investigations Of Potentially Malignant Disorders
7 Dr.Deepak Rathore 2015-18 Orofacial Neuralgia
8 Dr.Deepmala Bhowmik 2015-18 Oral Manifestation Of Autoimmune Diseases
9 Dr.Shefali Jain 2014-17 Manifestation And Management Of Oral Lesions Associated With Hiv Infections/Aids
10 Dr.Dharmen Bhansali 2014-17 Lasers In Oral Medicine
11 Dr.Ratna. S 2014-17 Corticosteroids In Oral Diseases
12 Dr.Fiza Khan 2013-16 Radiation Protection And Safety In Dentistry
13 Dr.Divya Chaurasia 2013-16 Role Of Dental Imaging In Dental Implants
14 Dr.Rachita Jain 2013-16 Oral Manifestation Of Endocrine Disorder
15 Dr.Swati Prasad 2012-15 Pet-Ct & Pet-Mri Imaging Modalities In Head And Neck Cancer
16 Dr.Priyanka Agarwal 2012-15 Radiation Therapy In Head And Neck Cancer
17 Dr.Sheetal Mujoo 2011-14 Stem Cells: Current And Future Scenario In Dentistry
18 Dr.Deeplaxmi Dewangan 2011-14 Probiotics- Dental Perspective
19 Dr.Supreet Jain 2011-14 Cone Beam Computed Tomography – A Resolution In Maxillofacial Imaging



1 Operative dentistry Marzouk 2
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