The Department fosters outreach and scholarly activity through the education of under graduate and Post graduate residents. The department offers a three year residency program to train Post graduate residents in advanced diagnostic and clinical techniques necessary to provide specialty care to children, adolescents and individuals with disabilities.



The department of public health dentistry focuses on dental and oral health issues in the communities and populations. It promotes oral health as well as the prevention and control of dental diseases in rural and urban areas including school oral health programs. Various Community Outreach programs in the form of Dental camps are organized by the department to render free basic dental care to people. At the same time it provides indispensable learning opportunities for the students.


Department of Public Health Dentistry consists of an Undergraduate section and a Postgraduate section, separate Clinical area for each section, a spacious Reception area, Professor, Reader and Lecturer rooms, a well equipped Seminar room and Department Library, PG Common Room with locker facilities, store, a separate area for sterilization and disinfection of instruments and an attached Museum for oral health education.

The department comprises of 22 dental chair units and latest audio visual facilities for the education of students and for mass education programs. The department is also equipped with a High-tech bus carrying two dental chairs, equipments and emergency materials.

There are two Satellite Centre’s in the rural areas where oral health promotion and treatment are provided to the people. Two schools have been adopted where free screening and treatment is provided at regular intervals.



The academic curriculum includes a dissertation, Library dissertation, departmental and interdepartmental seminar presentations, journal club, Clinical training, research work and Rural Satellite Centre posting. At the end of the MDS course the postgraduate is expected to -

  • Apply basic sciences knowledge regarding etiology, diagnosis and management of the prevention, promotion and treatment of all the oral conditions at the individual and community level.
  • Identify social, economic, environmental and emotional determinants in a given individual patient or a community for the purpose of planning and execution of Community Oral Health Program.
  • Ability to conduct Oral Health Surveys in order to indentify all the oral health problems affecting the community and find solutions using multi- disciplinary approach.
  • Ability to act as a consultant in community Oral Health, teach, guide and take part in research (both basic and clinical), present and publish the outcome at various scientific conferences and journals, both national and international level.


The academic curriculum is covered in the third and final year through didactic lectures, clinical posting, satellite centre posting and attending dental camps. At the end of the BDS course the graduate is expected to –

  • Have knowledge of the prevalence of common dental conditions in India
  • Have knowledge of community based preventive measures
  • Administer oral hygiene instructions, topical fluoride therapy and fissure sealing
  • Have attended various dental camps conducted by the college
  • Educate patients about the etiology and prevention of oral diseases


  • Scaling
  • Composite restorations
  • Silver Amalgam restorations
  • Glass Ionomer Cement (GIC) restorations
  • Temporary restorations
  • Simple extraction of teeth


  • 2018- Smart Phone Photography in Dentistry (6th December) by Dr. Akash Akkinwar
  • The CDE programme on smart phone photography in dentistry was conducted by the Dept. of Public Health Dentistry, Rungta College of Dental Sciences and Research. In this CDE program photography techniques using smart phone, were made easy for students and practicing dentists in enhancing their documentation skills.


  • World Aids Day On 1st December 2018

(Programme conducted in college premises regarding AIDS awareness)


  • Anti Tobacco Day On 31st May 2019

(The programme was conducted for training ASHA workers for diagnosis of oral cancers and tobacco cessation counselling)


  • Tooth brushing training programme at primary school

(The programme was conducted at primary school where tooth brushing technique was demonstrated by Dr. Ram Tiwari and post graduate students.)


National Webinar On Dental Practice Management By Dr. Krishnaraj Ganeshnarayan On 20th August 2020.

The webinar was conducted by the Dept. of Public Health Dentistry, Rungta College of Dental Sciences and Research. Prof.Dr. Krishnaraj Ganeshnarayan in his speech emphasized the importance of dental practice management in clinical routine and gave tips on successful clinical management. He also provided valuable insight on management of office staff and finance. A special session on how to manage clinical practice during COVID-19 pandemic and the important precautions and steps to be particularly followed during oral termination and treatment were explained.








S.No.Name of P.G. StudentLibrary Dissertation topicBatch
1 Dr. Sneha Singh Depression and Oral Health 2018
2 Dr. Aanchal Pradhan Sugar Substitutes and Oral Health 2018
3 Dr. Payal Borkar Dental Jurisprudence 2018
4 Dr. Abhinav Patel Evidence based dentistry 2016
5 Dr. Sudha Suman Probiotics and oral health 2016
6 Dr. V.Balasubramanyam Vitamins, Minerals and Oral health 2016
7 Dr. Ruchi Agrawal Antioxidant in oral care 2015
8 Dr. Ramakrishna Chevvuri Minimally invasive dentistry 2015
9 Dr. Heena Sahni Alteration in tooth wear 2015
10 Dr. Anubhuti Jain Effect of systemic fluorides on dental caries and dental flourosis 2014
11 Dr. Swati Verma Oral health related quality of life 2014
12 Dr. Hunny Sharma Age and dental caries 2014
13 Dr. Chandan Matsyapal Oral health of geriatric population-an overview 2013
14 Dr. Rishee Dubey Tobacco cessation counseling 2013
15 Dr. Amit Reche Socio-economic status and dental caries 2013
16 Dr. Ram Tiwari Atraumatic restorative treatment 2012
17 Dr. Abhinav Parakh Topical fluorides 2012
18 Dr. Mayank Chandrakar Pit & fissure sealant 2012


S.No.Name of P.G. StudentDissertation topicBatch
1 Dr. Sneha Singh Oral Health Status and Treatment needs of Sickle cell anemia patients visiting various government and private hospitals in Drug – Bhilai City of C.G. 2018
2 Dr. Aanchal Pradhan Traumatic dental injuries of permanent anterior teeth and its impact on Oral Health Related Quality of Life among 11-14 year old school children of Durg-Bhilai, Chhattisgarh -a Cross-sectional Study. 2018
3 Dr. Payal Borkar To assess the co-relation between salivary urea and periodontal status among patients with end stage Renal Diseases attending various dialysis centers of Durg-Bhilai, - A comparative study. 2018
4 Dr. Abhinav Patel Oral health literacy and its impact on oral health status among slum dwelling adults of Bhilai, Chhattisgarh-A Descriptive cross sectional study. 2016
5 Dr. Sudha Suman Evaluation of knowledge, attitude, practices and awareness regarding adverse pregnancy outcomes among pregnant and non-pregnant women in Bhilai-Durg- A cross-sectional survey. 2016
6 Dr. V. Balasubramanyam Oral hygiene, tooth wear and dentition status among flour mill workers in Durg-Bhilai Chhattisgarh -A Descriptive cross-sectional study. 2016
7 Dr. Ruchi Agrawal Oral health status of 12 years old Gond & Baiga tribe children attending tribal school in Bastar district, Chhattisgarh 2015
8 Dr. Ramakrishna Chevvuri Prevalence of tooth wear among cement factory workers of Durg district-A descriptive cross-sectional study 2015
9 Dr. Heena Sahni Oral health status of patients with musculoskeletal disorders visiting physiotherapy centers in Durg city, Chhattisgarh- A Descriptive cross-sectional study 2015
10 Dr. Anubhuti Jain Fluoride mapping of Raipur district and oral health status of 5, 12 and 15 years old rural children of Raipur district 2014
11 Dr. Swati Verma Impact of self-perceived oral health on OHRQoL of senior citizen of Durg city- A household survey 2014
12 Dr. Hunny Sharma Effectiveness of repeated motivation reinforce oral health knowledge among 5-6 years old school going children in Bhilai city- A school based study 2014
13 Dr. Chandan Matsyapal Enhancing and Empowering Anganwadi workers of Raipur to function as oral health guide- An interventional study 2013
14 Dr. Rishee Dubey Evaluation of a school dental health education program in 15 year old school children :- An intervention study 2013
15 Dr. Amit Reche Inter- relationship between diet, body mass index and dental caries among 12 years school children :- A cross sectional study 2013
16 Dr. Ram Tiwari Assessment of Dental caries, periodontal health and treatment needs among 12 and 15 year old school children in public and private schools of Durg city- A descriptive cross sectional study 2012
17 Dr. Abhinav Parakh Assessment of available Oral Health Care facilities and factors affecting their utilization among patients visiting Government hospitals of Chhattisgarh state 2012
18 Dr. Mayank Chandrakar Assessment of Dental caries and periodontal status and other associated risk factors in Type II diabetic and non- diabetic subjects of Durg city 2012


1. Primary Preventive Dentistry Norman O Harris 1
2. Methods in Biostatistics Mahajan B K 1
3. Jong’s Community Dental Health Gluck 1
4. Textbook of Community Dentistry Satish Chandra 1
5. A Short Textbook of Preventive and Community Dentistry K Jayprakash 1
6. Park’s Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine K Park 1
7. Basic Guideline to Oral Health Education and Promotion Felton, Ann 1
8. Concepts in Dental Public Health Mason, Jill 1
9. Health Behavior Change in Dental Practice Ramseier, Christoph A 1
10. Public Health Dentistry Poonam Sikri 1
11. Treatment Planning in Primary Dental Care Shearer Ann 1
12. Essential Dental Public Health Daly, Blanaid 1
13. Epidemiology Gordis, Leon 1
14. Fluoride in Preventive Dentistry Theory and Clinical Application Melbery, James 1
15. Nutrition Diet and Oral Health Rugg-Gunn 1
16. Clinical Preventive Dentistry Diorio, Louis 1
17. Prevention of Oral Disease Murray JJ 1
18. Dentistry Dental Practice and The Community Burt Striffler 1
19. Alternate Oral Health Care Delivery Systems Tewari Amit 1
20. Nutrition in Clinical Dentistry Nizel, Rahame 1
21. Comprehensive Care in Dentistry Crandell, Clifton, Gardner 1
22. Health Research Methodology : A Gudie for training in Research Methods WHO 1
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42. A Dictionary of Epidemiology John M Last 1
43. Textbook of Preventive and Community Dentistry S S Hiremath 1
44. Ethical and Legal issues in Dentistry Rupika Bither,Sourabh Bither 1
45. Clinical Manual for Public Health Dentistry and Practical Record book D P Narayan 1
46. Public Health Dentistry Vinit B Patel 1
47. Comprehensive Notes on preventive and Community Dentistry Ramaswamy SV, Vijay N 1