The Group is keen to promote research work and output for faculty and students. Apart from the program requirements of dissertation and seminars, students engage in intensive research work along with the Research Cell, Faculty Projects and Special Research Centers.

  • 200+

    International Journals

  • 150+

    International Conferences

  • 100+

    National Conferences

  • 50+

    Well equipped Labs for various departments

  • 1000+

    Published books in various areas

Student Innovations

The team from RSR Rungta College of Engineering and Technology created a kart named as “Go Kart” which is run by bio - diesel.

Sewage Treatment Plant model to make water reusable

Smart Railway Crossing system to control the crowd.

Hybrid Vehicle to work on compressed air, solar energy and battery

Multidimensional Drilling Machine to drill in all the direction.

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