Webinar organized by Sanjay Rungta Group of Institutions

“Whatever you do , do from your heart to achieve success”: words of Sr. Vice President (Nuvoco Vistas Corporation) enlightened the students on
On 29/12/20, Tuesday ;Dept of Commerce organized Webinar on “Portfolio Management of the students in industry perception and entrepreneurship”. The Webinar was inaugurated by Dr Tripti Agrawal Jain, Principal, RCST by welcoming Guest speaker, faculties and students. The eminent speaker Shri R T Warke is a Sr. Vice President of Nuvoco Vistas Corporation, Sonadih Cement Plant. Shri Warke shared his experience and elaborated his talk with talking on what is all about Portfolio Management of the students and action needs to be taken. He discussed about Group learning and significance of the same so that one can develop his/her skills. He encouraged students to imbibe “Can Do attitude” and always ready to adopt changes. He emphasized more on communication clarity. Communication doesn’t meaning knowing English. It means clarity of thoughts and clarity of communication. There is a terminology “Exhibition Excellence”, where exhibition means LEAD INDICATOR. As the organization is by the people, of the people. People play an important role and they must exhibit their excellence performance by guaranteed performance. Students had great learning, they understood timeliness that how much time they should Spend to develop skills, know-how and keep an eye on their surroundings to know what is happening in an around. He advised Always to be a watch dog. As the trend is changing, one should be innovative. If you innovate, you can find a better place.
He ended his talk after entertaining the query of the faculties and the students. He extended his kind support in future also to give students clarity in their career.