Students of Sanjay Rungta Group learning through online classes to avoid any loss of studies: Live Streaming Classes through Zoom and Glassroom App

The Sanjay Rungta Group of Institutions is renowned for its educational quality, where on one hand the institute has made its place in the field of Teaching Learning Innovation Technology and Research and on the other hand it holds its identity in carrying out its social responsibility under the NSS program.
When the entire world is going through the corona virus tragedy and the entire country is in a lock-down position till the forthcoming April 14, Sanjay Rungta Group is conducting online classes keeping in mind the interest of its students. As we know that according to the directives of the Prime Minister, the entire country is under a complete lock-down, which does not allow any outside movements. It is mandatory for everyone to stay indoors. Even In such a situation, Sanjay Rungta Group has given priority to the future of students and has initiated to teach via online classes. Saket Rungta, Director of the organization informed that while teachers too have to stay in the house in the event of the lock-down, but at the same time we can not compromise with the future of students. Keeping the interest of the students in mind, online classes have been arranged wherein the students are learning at home through this technology. Sanjay Rungta Group of Institutions is popular for the quality of innovation and education and we continue to maintain our standard. Online classes will continue till the normal classes begin. Along with these classes, students are also being encouraged for online classes such as NPTEL. The advantage of this feature is that the students will be able to utilize the time properly and when the normal classes start, the students will not find any time lapse. Sachin Harne, Head of the Department of Computer Science Engineering said that most of the students are attending the online classes regularly. Students who are unable to attend the live classes due to some reason or the other, they are being provided with video lecture. The chairman of the group, Sanjay Rungta, said that the students of Rungta Group have always excelled in the University examinations, GATE and other national level examinations. We have adopted this method to carry out this legacy. Students and parents have appreciated this arrangement, calling it a unique endeavor.