Rungta Dental College student Dr. Anil Pandey bags National Award

The research paper of Dr. Anil Pandey, a post-graduate second-year student studying in the Department of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry (Pediatrics) at Rungta Dental College under the aegis of Sanjay Rungta Group of Institutions was awarded first prize in the research category at the 17th ISPPD PG Convention 2020.  At this national conference held in Jaipur, Dr. Anil Pandey presented his paper on the topic “Assessment of cariogenicity by pH value decrement of plaque solutions using commonly used infant milk formula”.  While discussing this subject, Dr. Anil Pandey said that in the current lifestyle, the increasing use of infant formula (baby milk powder) in the food of young children causes diseases in their teeth, which mainly include tooth decay and swelling of the gums,  There is a lack of awareness in the society about  Through this research paper, parents and society will be helped to spread awareness about baby milk powder and its dental caries.  Since milk powder has now become an essential part of the diet of young children, it is imperative that its ill effects also reach the masses.  According to the known information, no research has been done on this subject by any doctor of Chhattisgarh in the National Level Platform.  In the conference, Dr. Pandey was encouraged for this research as well as for further dissemination.  Dr. Anil Pandey completed his research work under the guidance of Head of Department Professor Dr. Premkishore K, Dr. Alok Avinash, Dr. Lumbini P. and Dr. Brij Kumar.  Group Chairman Sanjay Rungta, Dean Dr. Sudhir Pawar, Director Dr. Ram Thombre, Vice Dean Dr. Jaideep Sur and all faculty members congratulated him for this achievement.