National Webinar held at Rungta Dental College

The national webinar was organized by Rungta Dental College Bhilai, under the aegis of  Sanjay Rungta Group of Institutions.  The center of the webinar was focused on On Covid 19 – Lab-Diagnosis, Prevention & Treatment.  The webinar was attended by eminent speakers from across the country.  Keynote speaker were  Deepti Chaurasia, Bhopal Government Medical College Bhopal, Dr.  Sulagna Gupta Malaysia , Dr.  Santwana, DV Patil Medical College. Many medical, dental and biology stream students presented research papers.

The program was inaugurated by Sanjay Rungta, the chairman of the institution. In the inaugural address he emphasised the importance of the above topic and stated that in today’s time it was impossible to gather subject experts and hundreds of listeners together.  On-line webinar made such a big expert Gathering possible by curbing this problem.  The webinar has outlined the much talked about and important topic of today and made people aware.  Chairman Sanjay Rungta greeted and congratulated all the speakers, listeners and the organizing team.

The Dean of the College, Dr.  Sudhir Pawar said in his address that this online webinar will  prove to be a milestone in providing the latest updates on the investigation, methods of rescue and treatment of Covid-19.  Listening to the speakers of various renowned institutes of the country speaking about this subject will be very useful for everyone in the present circumstances.

Convenor, Dr. Reena Kulshrestha after the inauguration program, welcomed all the speakers and participants and introduced them.  She also explained the main direction and schedule of the program.

Keynote speaker Dr.  Deepti Chourasia told about the diagnosis of Covid-19.  Praising Indian test kits, she said that these kits are easy to use and has proved to be more reliable as well. In her presentation, She explained the challenges faced during diagnosis of Covid-19 , the need of the trained staff, handling the  P.P.E.  kit and aerosol.

Dr.  Sulagna Gupta told about the outbreak of corona, that it has not been proven that it is originated from bats and research is still on.  She also stated that this virus mainly spreads through respiratory drops caused by sneezing / coughing of infected person,  and to avoid this, wash your hands continuously with soap, use sanitizer and maintain hygiene.

Dr.  Santwana told about the symptoms of Covid-19 that the patient is mainly found to have fever, fatigue, cough, diarrhea and cold etc.  Multi-vitamin anti-inflammatory and anti-viral drugs are used to keep the infected person in quarantine.

After the keynote speakers, 15 research paper presentations were given. Dr. Ram Tiwari conducted the prensentations. Dr Sudhanshu discussed the main points of the program.The Vice Dean of the college, Dr.  Jaideep Sur also addressed and congratulated the core team. Vote of thanks was given by Dr Rakhi Dhonmode.  250 participants took part in the program.  Kaushik Bhattacharya, Sharit Shekhar Barman, Dr. Brij and Dr. Ranju played a vital role in organizing this event.