International Yoga Day Celebrated at Sanjay Rungta Group

Yoga keeps both body and mind healthy: Sanjay Rungta

International Yoga Day Celebrated at Sanjay Rungta Group

On the occasion of 7th International Yoga Day, RSR Rungta Engineering College, Rungta Dental College, Rungta Science College and Rungta Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences under the aeigis of Sanjay Rungta Groupcelebrated THIS DAY UNDER Covid-19 appropriate behaviour, in which the staff members received yoga training and became proficient in yoga qualities.  They gained detailed information about the physical, mental and spiritual development that comes from yoga. This year yoga was practiced under the theme of Yoga for Wellness.

 On organizing Yoga Day, Group Chairman Sanjay Rungta told that Yoga keeps both body and mind healthy. Many types of diseases are also cured by Yogasan.  He said that every person, especially the youth, should devote at least half an hour to yoga every day to keep their body healthy and fit.  Director Saket Rungta advised to do yoga daily for a healthy life.

 This yoga practice program started with a prayer.  After that warm up and various asanas like Tadasana, Vrikshasana, Padahastasana, Bhadhasana, Vajrasana, Suryanamaskar Asana, Kapalbhati, Pranayama, Anulom-Vilom were performed.  The physical benefits of these asanas were explained in detail.

 An international webinar was also organized by both the Pharmacy Colleges managed by  Sanjay Rungta Group as part of Yoga Day.  The keynote speaker of this webinar, Dr.  B.  K.  Bandre.  He said in his statement that yoga is necessary for health.  Regular practice of yoga keeps the body fit and healthy.

 In this sequence, online webinar was also organized by Rungta Science College.  The topic of the webinar was “Do Yoga and Stay Healthy”.  Yoga Day was also organized by the NSS Unit of RSR Rungta Engineering College, run by the group.

On this event, Group Chairman Shri Sanjay Rungta extended his best wishes to all the organizers

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