Highlights of Virtual Guest Lecture(RIPS & RIPSR)

A Virtual Guest Lecture was organised by RIPS & RIPSR jointly under the aegis of Sanajy Rungta Group of Institutions. Mrs.Nivedita Gautam & Dr.Rajesh Choudhary were the guest speakers of this lecture.Principal Dr.Nitin H. Indurwade addressed the participants and welcomed both the speakers for sharing their valuable time and knowledge to the students. Speaker Mrs. Nivedita Gautam imparted a detailed information on historical background of Pharmacy profession i.e. about various eras of Pharmacy profession. She made students understand how exactly the pharmacy has evolved and how it has now became a core branch and enlightened them about the various scopes of pharmacy. Dr.Rajesh Choudhary spoke on a topic Drug Discovery and Development. He gave a detailed and exhaustive information on the process of drug discovery i.e.how the molecule is chosen to be used as a drug for a particular ailment or disease, what are the phases it undergoes and how it comes to the market for the availability of the patients. He also suggested the ways through which the animal experiments can be conducted ethically causing as possible as less sufferings to animals during pre-clinical or animal trials. He also shared a brief information on the various legal aspects,forms and applications that are required to be followed and filled respectively while undergoing the process of drug discovery.Total 190 participants got benefited through this guest lecture and the good number of participants after lecture feedback shown their alignment and interest towards the drug discovery and research area.