RSR  Rungta College of Engineering and Technology under the aegis of Sanjay Rungta Group of Institutions, the NSS (National Service Scheme) unit organized the “Constitution Day” Celebration. The program was organized as per the “Directorate of Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports”and “Regional Directorate of National Service Scheme”.


The program begun with joining at the video conferencing chaired by our Honourable Prime Minister of India where he read the “Preamble of the Constitution of India”.


The program was then conducted by volunteer Jiteshwari Sinha who talked the basic information related to our constitution.After that all the volunteers took an oath to abide by the objectives of Constitution and follow in our lives. The Oath as under:

“We the people of India to make India a fully dominated Socialist, Democratic and Republic. We the people must have social, economical and political justice. Freedom of thought, expression, faith, religion, worship, equality of dignity and opportunity. We determine to achieve and to increase the fraternity that secures the dignity of the individual, Unity and Integrity in all citizens. We hereby adopt and enact the Constitution.”


The program was conducted under the guidance of Dr. S.V. Deshmukh (Principal, of the Institution) Program officer, Mr. Novel Sahu and volunteers, Satish Baghel, Abhishek Tripathi, Aurangzeb Khan, Balaram Sahu, Chitranshi Patel, Mithlesh Sahu, Shubham Sahu and Jiteshwari Sinha.