Students of RPS Qualify for the Second Level of Olympiads

The Science Olympiad Foundation conducts various Olympiads every year to develop a spirit of healthy competition among children from the grass roots level and with a view to promote the basic understanding of Mathematics, Science and Computer, as well as to initiate problem-solving skills among them.

The students of Rungta Public School keenly participated in all the Olympiads conducted for the session 2016-’17 and performed exceptionally well. Students got selected for the Second Level of the Olympiads which are going to be conducted in the month of February. In the 16th National Cyber Olympiad (NCO), Hriddhima Thawre of Class III, Aaditya Jain of Class IV, Abhinav Tripathi of Class V, Om Kotadiya of Class VIII & Priyanshu Gupta of Class X got selected. In the 18th National Science Olympiad (NSO) the students who could get through are: Hriddhima Thawre of Class III, Uzair Irfan Ali of Class IV, Aaditya Kumar Singh of Class V, Rakshit Goel of Class VI & Aryan Jha of Class VIII.  In the 10th International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO), the qualifiers are: Veer Jain of Class III, Uzair Irfan Ali of Class IV, Oshin Jain of Class V, Rakshit Goel of Class VI, Aryan Jha of Class VIII, Shreya Chopra of Class IX & Niloy Mehta of Class X.

The School Management, staff and students heartily congratulate all the Second Level qualifiers for their exceptional achievement. The Principal and Director of the school, Dr. (Mrs.) Ranjana Yadav appreciated the students for their worthy performance, she also extended her good wishes for a commendable performance in the second level of the Olympiads which is going to be held on 12th February 2017.